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A Personal Makeover

Dec 6 '12

A Personal Makeover

How to Help your Sheer Bliss Stylist Create a New You

Whether you are inspired by trends, celebrities, or by friends whose hairstyles and/or hair color you want to emulate, you need to share your wants and needs with your Sheer Bliss hair stylist and colorist.

The better prepared you are when you arrive at the salon, the easier it will be for your stylist to create the look for a “new” you.

sheer bliss

Does Taylor Swift's hairstyle and color appeal to you?

So what should you do? 

Prep Checklist for your Sheer Bliss stylist

You can try explaining what you want in words, but If you can show your hair stylist photographs of the kind of style you like, and good-match colors of the hue you’d like to copy, then you’ll have a head start.  Unless you’re both on the same page, you might be disappointed.

Just about every style and color has so many variations, nobody will be able to accurately interpret an instruction like, “I want my hair cut in a bob and colored red”. Even saying you want to look like a particular celebrity isn't going to work; most of them change their hair styles - and color - on a regular basis. 

So scour magazines for the look you want, or take photographs of the friend whose hair you envy. 

Then you should also be prepared to tell your stylist what you have previously done to your hair. If a natural brunette who has straight hair walks into the salon looking like a blonde with curly locks, there are likely to be some giveaway signs that a professional will pick up immediately. But you don’t want to even consider hiding the truth from your Sheer Bliss hair stylist

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