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Dec 6 '12

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The Best Products for Damaged Hair and Split Ends

It can be very frustrating when you think you’re doing everything right – like eating correctly; taking extra vitamins for skin, nails and hair; exercising regularly – and yet your hair isn’t at its best. The fact is that just as you need cleansers and good quality moisturizers for your skin, you also need to use protein and moisture for your hair, and to balance the pH to keep it feeling and looking great.  

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Now there's help for damaged hair.

What Damages Your Hair?

There are many things that can adversely affect your hair, from changing hormones in your body, to the harmful rays of the sun. If you ignore the need for deep conditioning of your hair, hair color, hair bleach, and hair straightening products will all take their toll over time. Even constant brushing is going to have a detrimental affect.  

What to Use to Treat Damaged Hair and Split Ends

Regularly trimming and in-salon deep-conditioning treatments will keep your hair looking and feeling its best. But it doesn’t end here, which is why Sheer Bliss and other good salons worldwide will analyze what is needed to repair and strengthen your hair, and then suggest a good quality treatment that you can continue to use at home… until your next cut or trim and deep-conditioning treatment. 

 We will help you select the very best products for your lifestyle and look. These include items from:

  • Redken, a leader in protein technology,
  • Kenra, which has a number of specialist products for different types and conditions of hair,
  • Pureology, that manufactures scientifically advanced products for color-treated hair.

At Sheer Bliss we would love to assist you with managing your correct hair care products.

Please come in and meet with one of our Master Stylists and lets see how we can help you. You are welcome to send an enquiry by clicking here.

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