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Hair Style Trends

Dec 18 '12

Hair Style Trends

Bombshell Hair for a Sexy New You

Miranda Keer - sheer bliss

Miranda Kerr is the new face of Mango. Photo by Getty Images.

Victoria’s Secret model, Australian Miranda Kerr’s new hairstyle has been described as “a sexy lollipop” that is “oddly appealing”. Created by adding lots of height and width to her gorgeous brunette waves, she now has a voluminous bombshell hair style that has many fans oo-ing and ah-ing.

Miranda Kerr was photographed at the press launch that celebrated her new role as “the face of Mango” – a hugely successful Spanish fashion retailer. Her predecessor was none other than Kate Moss.

Fan Reaction to the Bombshell Hair Look

People love to see pix of their fave celebs, just to see what they are wearing and how they are styling their hair, AND to see which look they may want to copy.  That’s why people often bring photos to Sheer Bliss Salon for us to replicate. It’s also why people don’t only like the look … they try to imagine how they would look with the look. 

What Fans Think About Miranda's Bombshell Hair

We scoured the Internet for comments from Miranda Kerr fans talking about her new bombshell hair look, and this is what we found:

  • “It’s not oddly appealing. It is straightforward hotness! I love it.”
  • “Her hair is so thick and healthy! I like the look.”
  • “My hair has lots of natural volume so I love this.” How many bets this girl is going to be a copy cat?
  • “WOWWWWW. If only … (sigh)” Clearly this girl doesn’t have the same type of hair.
  • “My hair has lots of natural volume so I love this.” If your hair has lots of natural volume, the super-star stylists at Sheer Bliss can help you achieve the look.
  • “Love it! Why can’t I get mine to stay like hers?” If you echo this comment, we can help you answer the question.  
  • “I am legitimately obsessed with this hair. It’s not Texas big, it’s bombshell big. Love it.”

Of course I’m not Miranda Kerr, and nor are you, but if you want big, beautiful bombshell hair let us show you how.

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