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Laidback Looks for Men in 2013

Dec 29 '12

Laidback Looks for Men in 2013

laidback looks

The ultimate laidback look for 2013. Photo courtesy Redken

So what is the Laidback Look for Men?

Essentially the laidback look is not staid and static, instead it moves... yes it moves. So instead of having a style that is formally structured, once you’ve had your hair professionally cut and styled, what you do is to use a liquid pomade to define different layers and varying lengths, so that there is natural movement.

Minimum effort equals maximum impact. What could be better – or easier?

Options for Laidback Looks, Redken style

We love Redken and are happy to promote the products that will enable you to get the new, exciting laidback look. These include:

  • an “undone” look,
  • the “unconstructed” style,
  • a look that is “smoothed back” and stylish,
  • and the ultimate laidback look: luxuriously “lived-in”.

How to Achieve These Laidback Looks

While liquid pomade (essentially a perfumed oil that will make your hair smooth and shiny) achieves wonders, there are some other tricks too.

Laidback and Undone This one is for medium to course hair that is wavy. You’ll need loose ends liquid pomade and shine form defining wax to achieve the look. Towel-dry your hair and then apply the pomade to define the look and create a great sheen. Then layer a little bit of the wax through the longer ends of your hair and twist into shape. You’ll find that the wax controls your hair with hardly any effort and will last a long time.

Laidback and Unconstructed If you have medium to coarse hair, this one’s for you. You’ll need two products, the same loose ends liquid pomade and a dishevel fiber cream that gives light control and creates a soft, smooth texture. Blend a little each in the palm of your hand and work through dry hair to create the look.

Laidback and Smoothed Back This look is great for fine to medium hair that is straight. The pomade comes into play again, but this time you blend it with grip tight holding gel for a shiny well-defined look. Rake the mixture through damp hair to give it a cool, separated look.

Laidback and Lived-In You can achieve this look with any hair type. First work a small quantity of shine form defining wax through dry hair and then layer on dishevel fiber cream randomly, to create texture.

Of course your hair should be beautifully cut and styled to look really good, and that’s where we can help. Click here for more info from Sheer Bliss Salon about hair cutting, styling and the ultimate laidback looks for 2013. 

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