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Seasonal Hair Color

Dec 6 '12

Seasonal Hair Color


The Brunette:

Having returned recently from the Redken Hair Color workshops and having completed a superb experience learning the new fashion trends from the Fall Fashion Week runways, it is evident that the Brunette colors, darker on the top and lighter color on the midlengths and ends are the seasons look. Some of the models displayed fun bright hair colored roots like pinks and  purples instead of the ordinary. One could imagine Lady Gaga or Kelly Osborne carrying off these trends.

The Redheads:

A less extreme firey ruby color and the rich red hair colors of last season are giving way to more multidimensional less obvious reds that compliment many more skin tones. Emma Stone’s soft red hair continues to serve as the number one inspiration for those wanting to try red this season.

The Blondes:

Natural and ash blonde hair is a must-have this season for those wishing to keep there blonde colors. Julianne Hough is wearing the ash blondes and the Gwyneth Paltrow is on the lighter end of the color chart, and of course still remains very trendy.

At Sheer Bliss Salon, we have the expertise to style and fashion your hair color to the bring out the best in you this season.

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