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The Challenge of Thinning Hair

Feb 7 '13

The Challenge of Thinning Hair

Thinning hair is a nightmare for many people, particularly women. 

thinning hair

Even relatively young people suffer from the horror of thinning hair.

The problem is that triggers for thinning hair come out of the blue. Sometimes it is caused by heredity, sometimes by ageing. Cancer treatments are a common cause, and hormonal fluctuations can also have a major effect. While not all the hair necessarily falls out, hair often becomes so sparse and thin that the scalp shows right through. It’s horrible.

While men can overcome the problem quickly and often very efficiently by simply shaving their hair, and looking often-times better with a shaved head than they did with a shock of hair, women generally don’t handle ‘bald’ very well.

Solutions for Thinning Hair

The two most common solutions for seriously thinning hair are shaving or hairpieces and wigs. But there are also hair enhancer products that can be custom-designed to your head shape that will add hair volume that looks so natural even you will forget you have hardly any hair on top.

Often called “volumizers” they add length, texture and (of course) volume to your head of hair, combining with the natural hair that isn’t thinning just yet. It’s not a wig as such, but instead usually has a stretchy silicone base that allows the hair that isn’t yours to blend with the hair that is. Nothing is glued and there are no chemicals involved.

At Sheer Bliss, we regularly create new-age wigs for our clients that are feather-light and so comfortable you’ll wonder why you didn’t take this step months ago. We even waive the consultation fee if you buy a wig

Whatever it is you need, we’ll go the extra mile to help you find a solution for your thinning hair.

More Hair Tips

So your hair is thick and curly, and you need to control it. Click here for more hair tips info from the professional Sheer Bliss Hair Salon, Durham. 

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