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The Long and the Short of the Oscars Hairstyles

Feb 25 '13

The Long and the Short of the Oscars Hairstyles


Oscars hairstyles

Reese Witherspoon lets her hair down at the Oscars

There was a real mix of Oscars hairstyles this year: neat, untidy, long and short; and a few gems. There wasn’t any obvious trend overall, either in terms of style or color. But then what else can you expect from the stars on Hollywood’s most closely watched night out? They are individuals and they want to stand out. 

So we thought we’d give you a quick rundown on the long and the short of the hairstyles we noticed, with a few updos in between.

The Long

Curls were a feature of many of the longer Oscars hairstyles. For instance:

Reese Witherpoon’s normally long straight blonde hair was swept sideways in elegant waves in an Oscars hairstyle that she said her daughter helped her choose. It seemed to be appreciated by the media, some saying she had really ‘let her hair down’ at the Oscar ceremony.

Jessica Shastain also sported long, elegant chestnut curls adding a romantic touch to her glamorous outfit.

Oscars hairstyles

Catherine Zeta-Jones looking elegant at the Oscars

Oscars hairstyles

Adele’s hair was soft and sweet












Welsh Michael Douglas wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones’ long curly locks looked ravishing as a backdrop to her Lorraine Schwartz earrings and were a foil for her jewel-encrusted Zuhair Murad gown, in spite of media criticism that her makeup was too heavy. And they swear they are not estranged.

Adele’s bouffant curls were 60s style, and sweet. 

Helen Hunt’s hair was also down, and it curled softly onto her shoulders – though her Martin Katz layered necklace valued at some $700,000 drew considerably more attention than her hair!


Loosely pulled back and out of the way, but not short, was the choice for some of the stars, including Amanda Seyfried, one of the younger actresses on the red carpet.

British-Australian, Naomi Watts opted for a very similar updo. 

Oscars hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence, success in more ways than one

Jennifer Lawrence, winner of best actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook wore the same simply sophisticated style she sported at the Golden Globes. It worked then, and it worked at the Oscars.

Italian-born, Amy Adams pulled her hair up too, leaving a bunch of shorter strands to frame her pretty face. So did Nicole Kidman.

The youngest updo came from Quvezhane Wallis, the nine-year-old Oscar nominee who wore a sophisticated hair band as a finishing touch.

The Short

Both Charlize Theron and Anne Hathaway stunned with their short Oscars hairstyles.

Veteran actress Jane Fonda, also wore her hair short.

Oscars hairstyles

Charlise Theron, with stylishly short buzzed hair


Oscars hairstyles

Anne Hathaway’s pixie cut for the Oscar’s 2013 style












Charlise’s hair had a distinctly Mia Farrow Sixties flavor; very short, blonde with dark roots, ‘buzzed’ and simply stunning.

Anne Hathaway, who walked off with the Oscar for the best supporting actress, sported what can only be called a cute pixie cut. 

Halle Berry’s hair was also shortly cropped, but a lot fuller than Charlise’s more head-hugging look.

Oscars hairstyles

Halle Berry, short and sweet

That’s the long and the short of it.

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