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The Mia Farrow Pixie 2013 Style

Feb 28 '13

The Mia Farrow Pixie 2013 Style

Was Charlize Theron inspired by Mia Farrow when she decided on a Mia Farrow pixie style cut for this year’s Oscars?

mia farro pixie

Charlize Theron
at the Oscars 2013


mia farro pixie cut

Mia Farrow on the cover of Life magazine in May 1967













It certainly looks like it, but we’d hate to be accused of starting a new urban legend. And if the truth be told, Charlize’s pixie cut is in fact three months old – or rather, three months long. She had her blonde hair shorn for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road

Urban Legend of Mia Farrow Pixie Cut

Only last month the New York Times published a story about the origin of Mia Farrow’s legendary cut, and they were way off the mark. They claimed that she had worn her blonde hair long until Vidal Sassoon gave her “a pixie cut” for the psychological horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, released in 1968. The film was based on Ira Levin’s bestselling 1967 novel, and was directed by Roman Polanski.

And it didn’t stop there. They went on to claim that Frank Sinatra, to whom she was married at the time, was married at the time, was so appalled by her hair cut that he immediately had divorce papers served on her.

The Facts

Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra were divorced in 1968.

They were married in 1966, and at the time her hair was short, short, short!

Setting the record straight, Mia Farrow told the New York Times that she had cut her own hair in 1968, using a pair of nail scissors, before her marriage to Frank Sinatra. At the time she was working on the set of Peyton Place (the TV series), and she admits that she had never heard of Vidal Sassoon.

While working on Rosemary’s Baby, they decided to set up a shot with Vidal Sassoon for publicity, because he was mentioned in the book. He trimmed about half an inch off her hair, leaving it a “length” of about an inch.

The rest is history.

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