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Hot Hairstyles for Men

Mar 13 '13

Hot Hairstyles for Men

Six Hot Hairstyles for Men in 2013

Whether you want your hair to look classic or trendy, there are some great looks you can emulate. Defined by Redken for the man of today, these hot hairstyles are designed to suit all ages and interests. In other words, there’s something for everyone.

Six Hot Hairstyles Defined

hot hairstyles

Classic with Beckham style


The Classic look is formal and controlled, soft and smooth, has a flexible texture, and a natural, no-shine finish. It will appeal to clean-cut men who like a defined, natural style that gives them a professional appearance. It’s ultra attractive because of its simplicity of form. 

hot hairstyles

Philly Fade or Philly Bob

Philly Fade 

 The Philly Fade (or Philly Bob) look is well defined and clean with a flake-free finish that is predictable and produces medium control and shine. Sides are faded to the temples, and sometimes over the ears and neckline. It’s a hot hairstyle that will appeal to modern-style, well-groomed men who like a

hot hairstyles

Roughed up and messy with style

tight, consistent look.

Roughed Up

The Roughed Up look is nicely messed up and “lived in”. The finish is super matte and dry, with a tough-up texture that offers maximum control. It’s very easy to achieve the look and suits guys who are laid-back, easy-going, informal and relaxed, and ultimately don’t like to fuss. 

hot hairstyles

Rockabilly retro style


Delightfully retro, the Rockabilly style is sculpted and molded with a high shine and high gloss finish. The hair is slicked back with some volume and has a nice clean feel with any product build up. Rockabilly guys are generally alternative and like to experiment and “play” with their hairstyles. This will suit the man who is willing to put time into his appearance. 

hot hairstyles

Short and shaggy is what shag is all about










Shag Style

The Shag look is crunch-free and versatile, easy to shape, with a matte, textured finish that gives maximum control. It will suit the kind of guy who is playful and adaptable and likes to change his look whenever he feels like it. It’s for those who want a custom style that requires minimal commitment in terms of time.

hot hairstyles

Caesar 21st century style


The Caesar style is chunky, short and smooth. It’s easy to maintain and creates a controlled finish that is easy to manage. This look suits men who are tough and outgoing, bold and confident. 

Styling Tips for Six Hot Hairstyles

Redken advises how to style these six hot hairstyles.

  1. For the Classic look simply rub a small amount of maneuver working wax in your hands and apply it through dry or towel-dried hair. Part your hair on the side and comb smooth. If you want a lighter feel, or if your hair is very coarse, work a generous scoop of get groomed finishing cream through your hair while it is damp. This will create a more casual look with a mild hold.
  2. For the Philly Fade look run a little grip tight holding gel through your hair while it is still damp. Use your fingers or a comb to style it. As your hair dries, push the front part up to create a more vertical style; alternatively push it towards the center of your head to create a slightly faux hawk effect.
  3. For the Roughed Up look to work, even though it’s meant to look “messed up” you do need to have your hair well styled. Once it has been professionally shaped, use a small amount of firm grasp texturing clay on towel-dried or dry hair and shape it into a messy roughed up style. The clay will give it maximum hold. If you prefer a medium hold, use a small amount of dishevel fiber cream and shape for a less roughed up, but relaxed, casual look.
  4. To style a Rockabilly haircut, distribute a fistful of stand tough extreme gel through damp hair, working from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Comb it thoroughly, slicking back the sides and lifting the top up and away from the face. If you want the look to be a little looser, use shine form defining wax instead of extreme gel. Instead of combing, use your fingers to slick your hair back and let some of the pieces hang loose.
  5. To achieve the Shag look once your hair has been styled and cut, work a little outplay texture putty through dry or towel-dried hair. Continue to sculpt it gradually, adding more putty as needed. To achieve a more visibly styled look, use a hair dryer to blast your hair and style it with your fingers.
  6. For a Caesar style with maximum hold, use a small amount of work hard molding paste and rub it into dry or towel-dried hair and then comb it. As you hair grows, use the paste to twist bits of hair together to make it look chunkier, or comb it sideways. For a mild hold, work a little polish up pomade through dry or towel-dried hair, pushing it forward with your fingers.

Are You Ready for One of These Hot Hairstyles?

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