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Isabella Cruise Changes her Hair Color … Again

Mar 25 '13

Isabella Cruise Changes her Hair Color … Again

Is this Hair Color that turns fans Green with Envy?

hair color

”Silly squash selfie” is the caption Isabella wrote for her newest hairstyle picture.

Isabella Cruise, the oldest child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, has changed her hair color again – at least the third time this year. This time the natural brunette has gone green, she tweeted on Twitter, in a look that has her looking remarkably glamorous.

hair color

Lilac tinges.

In February she went a lighter shade of purple, and in January she went orange shortly before her brother Connor’s 18th birthday. Both kids are adopted.

Like her new green shade, the pic of her sporting lilac locks was also posted to Twitter.

hair color

The orange look for Connor's birthday.

hair color

Brunette a la naturale.














While Isabella, 20, is more recognizable when she has her hair brunette a la naturale, her new pixie cut is considerably more appealing than her usual crop and the overall look is a nice change from what has been described by her critics as a typical “grungy” look.

Both Connor and Isabella are reportedly Scientologists, just like their famous dad Tom Cruise. Their mother, Nicole Kidman, has confirmed this saying she “utterly” respects their beliefs. Bella’s live-in boyfriend, Eddie Frencher is also a Scientologist, and supposedly also a member of the controversial Church of Scientology’s top-secret, highest order, Sea Org.

 Less than a year ago, Tom Cruise – via his attorney Aaron Moss – refuted claims that Bella was also joining Sea Org, maintaining too that she is “not a public figure, and deserves privacy”. That may be so, but with such famous folks, and attention-grabbing hair color, who can blame the media from taking notice?

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