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Bangs Style for 2013

Apr 26 '13

Bangs Style for 2013

New-Look Fringes and Bangs Style


Is our first lady setting a new bangs trend?

Call it bangs or call it a fringe, this type of cut never goes completely out of fashion. Whether you have it long and side-swept, or side-swept and choppy, super-short, faux, or cutely elegant like Michelle Obama’s 2013 look, you’ll be in excellent company.

Of course it’s not surprising that Mrs O attracted attention when she showed up at hubby’s 2013 presidential inauguration festivities with her new bangs-style hairdo. She was clearly pleased with it because a photo was tweeted on her new Twitter feed (probably by an aide). And the President was quoted as saying: “I love her bangs. She looks good. She always looks good.”

Different Styles of Bangs

In essence, bangs or a fringe is created by cutting the front of the hair shorter than the rest of the hair. But there are many different ways that your stylist can approach bangs.

A cute fashion-forward cropped fringe spotted on the runways

Here are some common cuts:

A clever way to create bangs without committing to a cut. This model’s long hair was twisted onto the top of her head and then styled to look as if she has a fringe

  • Straight, with the hair combed literally straight down.
  • Blunt, where the hair is cut straight, and the line of the fringe is also absolutely straight.
  • Side-swept, where the hair is cut longer than the line of the eye brows, and is then swept across one side of the face.
  • Pin-up, where the hair is cut in a U-shape.
  • V-shaped, where the sides are short and the tip in front is longer.
  • Choppy, where the hair is cut to achieve a “choppy” finish so that the strands of hair can be feathered forwards.
  • Brow-skimming, where the hair is cut below the line of the brow.
  • Forward-cropped, an interesting new-look fashion approach (see the photograph for more info).
  • Faux, where the hair is styled so that it looks like a fringe, but isn’t cut to form bangs.

 The Bangs Look

Fringes are popular with both long and short hairstyles, and for women as well as men, with some of our best-known stars embracing the idea (from Elizabeth Taylor in her role as Cleopatra to the Beatles in their heyday).

Many people try them at some stage in their lives, whether to frame the face, hide wrinkles, or simply because they look good.

How Can Sheer Bliss Help YOU?

If you’d like to change your look, and you think bangs are a good idea, we’ll help you achieve this in a way that will be the best for you. If you want to change your look but don’t want a fringe or bangs, we can help you too.

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