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Hair that Flatters Your Face

Apr 30 '13

Hair that Flatters Your Face

Hairstyles and Colors that Match the Shape of Your Face

We dress to make the best of the shape of our bodies, so it isn’t surprising that a good hair stylist will suggest the best hair cut and color for the shape of their client’s face.  

hair that flatters

Tracey Cunningham, celebrity hair colorist matches face shape with suitable hues for hair. Photo:

Tracey Cunningham, Redken’s creative color consultant and one of Hollywood’s most successful hair stylists, together with Mac+Mir fashion styling duo Micaela Beckwith and Miriam Sternoff, matches face shapes with haircuts, styles and colors. They share their wisdom on hair that flatters the face shape, and warn what doesn’t usually work.


Considered an ideal shape, oval is beautifully balanced and so just about anything goes.

Favorite colors and shades: Bold copper or red, platinum blonde, and rich chocolate shades are favorites.

Best cuts and styles: Anything works as long as the hair isn’t too long.


Strong and sometimes angular, a square face usually has brow-bone, cheek bones and jaw-line of equal width.

Favorite colors and shades: Highlights and lowlights are perfect. Aim for deeper color at the temple with highlights at cheek bone level to soften the shape of your face.

Best cuts and styles: Soft styles are more flattering: avoid anything angular, especially a bob or square bangs. Side-swept bangs work, and so do romantic waves. A layered look is often best.


With more width in the lower part of the face, the trick with triangular-shaped faces is to draw attention away from the jaw-line. This is the best way to have hair that flatters your face.

Favorite colors and shades: Draw the eye upwards with highlights at the temples and in a fringe. Color from the ears down should be darker.

Best cuts and styles: Without a doubt short hair works best, because you need with at the crown and forehead.


Really an inverted triangle shape, heart-shaped heads have delicate chins and quite wide cheek bones. The most successful approach is opposite to that used for triangular faces.

Favorite colors and shades: Be trendy and go ombre; for those with heart-shaped faces, this is definitely hair that flatters. Start dark at the temples and forehead and get lighter from the chin down.

Best cuts and styles:  If the hair is full around the jaw-line the cut and style will usually work. Favorite styles include chin-length bobs and long, layered cuts.  


This of course indicates a round face. Both cut and color may be used to make it long longer.  

Favorite colors and shades: Highlights above the forehead and a darker shade from the cheeks and jaw-line.

Best cuts and styles:  Chin-length cuts don’t work. Nor do straight-cut bangs and middle parts. Side-swept bangs, side parts and choppy layers work a treat. Asymmetrical is the word.  


Because oblong faces are consistent in width, they often look longer than they are. An imaginative haircut will balance the face and add elegance.

Favorite colors and shades: While we like to make round faces long more oblong, we like to make oblong faces appear more circular in shape. If the color is darker at the hairline and lighter from the temples to jaw, there’ll be an illusion of roundness.

Best cuts and styles: Aim for minimum height on top with the hair very full at the sides. Layers should frame the face.


If your cheek bones are wider than your jaw-line and brow-bone, chances are your face is an angular diamond-like shape.

Favorite colors and shades: Focus on highlights in line with your temple and jaw.

Best cuts and styles:  Ask your stylist to aim for lots of shape to be sure that you have hair that flatters you face.

If you would like help identifying the shape of your face, and the best color or style to suit it, ask the professionals at Sheer Bliss Hair Salon in Durham.

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