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Fashion Hairstyles for Blonde Blogger

May 14 '13

Fashion Hairstyles for Blonde Blogger

Redken’s Chiara gets Diamond Oil Fashion Hairstyles

fashion hairstyles

Glamorous Italian fashion icon and hot blogger, Chiara Ferragni, photographed in New York during Fashion Week. Photo: theblondesalad.

Glamorous Italian model, award-winning blogger, law student and top “breakout street-style star”, Chiara Ferragni, is successfully tweeting her experiences and fashion hairstyles created using Redken’s brand new Diamond Oil to the world, together with Instagram photographs.

She currently has 151,026 followers on Twitter and more than 800,000 “unique visitors” to her crazy blonde, The Blonde Salad, every month. She is a “public figure” on Facebook, and currently has 21,397 likes.

All Chiara’s exclusive fashion hairstyles for the top Fashion Weeks of the world, are crafted by Redken creative consultant, Guido Palau, using the newly launched product, Diamond Oil.

In February, after being chosen as Redken Global Fashion Ambassador for 2013, she wrote about her excitement about having her hair styled by Guido – “one of the most influential hairstylists in the world”.

Photographic Hair Highlight’s of Chiara’s 2013 New York Fashion Week

February 7, 2013 launched the start of a new adventure for Chiara. Mostly it was about fashion and hairstyling, with a range of looks to inspire. Here are some photographic highlights. 

fashion hairstyles

Chiara's Indie Icon hairdo, created by the Redken team using Diamond Oil. Photo: theblondesalad.


fashion hairstyles

Chiara's faux factor hairstyle, crafted using Diamond Oil. Photo: theblondesalad.


fashion hairstyles

Chiara's pretzel hairdo. Photo: theblondesalad.


fashion hairstyles

Chiara's hair is straight but styled. Photo: theblondesalad.


fashion hairstyles

Chiara looking casual and relaxed in New York. Photo: theblondesalad.

























What About The Blonde Salad?

Chiara launched her blog, The Blonde Salad in 2009, with an idea to give her followers a different look every day - paying attention to detail. Within two years New York Magazine had named her the "biggest breakout street-style star of the year". 

But it's not just about the blog. Chiara now has a number of awards under her belt; she's been guest several times on television shows; she's even got her own shoe line, and has collaborated with a number of famous brands. 

fashion hairstyles

The Blonde Salad brand - Chiara's logo.

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