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Hair Fashion on the Runway

Sep 9 '13

Hair Fashion on the Runway

Rebecca Minkoff Style Hair Fashion 

hair fashion

Self Portrait with Braid, a painting executed by Frida Kahlo in 1941

Braids were the order of the night at the Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show held in New York on September 6, 2013. Well for the models anyway, most of whom had their hair braided in a way that might just influence current hair fashion.

For Janelle Monáe, who rocked the runway in her own way, and host Kelly Osbourne, it was something quite different. 

Janelle Monáe

hair fashion

Janelle Monáe performing in New York during Fashion Week

Janelle, described in some fashion blogs as “the best Fashion Week surprise ever”, wore her signature colors – black and white (white jods and what look like riding boots!), with her hair as it usually is, short slick-backed sides with a lovely loose bit on top.

 By all accounts "the electric lady” gave an electrifying performance that put her center stage, but also enabled the lovely models to strut down the runway wearing their fabulous Rebecca Minkoff creations. Seems she liked their shoes the most and didn’t even notice the quaint braids.

Overheard: “Oh my God, the shoes were incredible. I almost forgot the words to my song when I was looking at them on the runway.” 

Kelly Osbourne

hair fashion

Kelly Osbourne

Host for the show was the inimitable Kelly (daughter of Oz and Sharon ... sorry Kelly) Osbourne. 

Also taken with the shoes, though she admitted openly that her legs are too fat (“aren’t skinny enough”) to wear them, Kelly pretty well outdid the lot of them in terms of attracting attention to a fashion hairstyle. While it’s the purple hue she has stated many times she’s “contractually obliged to keep”, it looked quite different to everyone else’s.

 But her hair looked classy and since she’s about to launch her own plus-size clothing line (and she’s more than whispered that she’s likely getting married)… who cares?

The Braids

Inspired by the brilliant early 20th century Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, as well as a photograph Rebecca loved of Bianca Jagger taken in Mexico years ago, the braids made a quiet impact at the fashionhair fashionhair fashion

Of course the clothing was the ultimate star, but those of us who follow hair fashion couldn’t help but be fascinated by the looks that transpired. 

Perhaps this was a very clever ploy by the brilliant fashion designer Minkoff. The braids certainly didn’t detract from her fashion, and the models looked stunning.

What do you think?

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