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Inspired Hair by Show Stopper Miley Cyrus

Sep 3 '13

Inspired Hair by Show Stopper Miley Cyrus

Do you believe Miley has inspired hair styles?

inspired hair

Miley, the teen queen

At just 20 years old, young, vibrant Miley Cyrus knows how to be a showstopper. She is one of the hottest bits of public property right now, having started out as a sweet TV star - albeit with minor roles until she got cast in a Disney Channel series. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, it probably shouldn’t have come as surprise that this girl not only look good, but she could also sing good.

inspired hair

Miley with long braided two-tone hair













But she has also become something of a hairstyle fashion guru; changing her hair styles and colors so often her copycat fans don’t know which direction to take.

Sometimes it’s long, sometimes it’s short. Sometimes it’s blonde, sometimes it’s brown. Sometimes it’s straight and sometimes it’s curly. Sometimes it’s up and sometimes it’s down. Always it seems it’s inspired hair.

inspired hair



inspired hair


In July she made headlines when she decided on a new short haircut.

But it wasn’t just short, it was chopped and the sides of her head were shaved.






She announced that the new look gave her confidence because “different is better”.  Inspired hair of a very different kind!

inspired hair

Short and shaved

Just the other day she was spotted at the MTV Video Music Awards sporting mini hair buns. Next thing the media is saying these are back in vogue… (Remember Gwen Stefani sporting multiple buns in 2008?), though not all were as appreciative of her much publicized twerking on stage.

inspired hair

Miley’s mini hair buns

 But is she setting a trend with inspired hair, or is this just a way to make the most of growing out the short and shaved look? Either way she’s grabbing attention and loving it.





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