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Celebrity Hair Color Secrets

Oct 3 '13

Celebrity Hair Color Secrets

Celebrity Hair Color that is Deftly Designed

 When you decide on a hair color change, what inspires your choice? Do you opt for a color you’ve used before? Do you copy a friend? Or do you draw inspiration from the many celebrities who alter their hair color to gain attention and keep up impressions?

If you aim to emulate celebs, just be aware that most, while embracing the magic of boxes and bottles, have qualified colorists who add extra steps to make their hair look extra special and different to run-of-the-mill. Of course not all get it right, but here are a few of the good ones.

Reese Witherspoon

celebrity hair color

Reese Witherspoon: butter blonde

Having reached an early turning point in her career at 25 (in 2001), when she played Elle Woods in the box office hit, Legally Blonde, award-winning American actress and producer, Reese Witherspoon’s blonde hair is characteristic. But if you compare what it looks like at different functions and events, and when she plays different characters, you will see that it isn’t always the same – even when it is blonde.

Recently spotted at the 2013 Oscars in Beverly Hills February, Reese Witherspoon had no dark roots or contrasting hues. Instead her colorist created an overall “pale buttery tone” by lightening the roots. Then she added little “glints” of platinum to create an extra WOW factor.

Michelle Williams

celebrity hair color

Michelle Williams: platinum blonde

American actress Michelle Williams is another blonde whose colorist works on shading for added oomph. Seen recently at the European premiere of Oz The Great and Powerful In London – in which she plays the nice, but naughty, Witch of the North, Glinda - the normally yellowy blonde pixie cut she currently favors was a lovely frosty platinum. Lighter, whiter and a whole lot brighter!

Kate Bosworth

celebrity hair color

Kate Bosworth: speckled strawberry blonde

The one-time Calvin Klein model, Kate Bosworth is a natural blonde, and she’s been seen sporting pretty well every blonde guise in terms of color and hue, and in terms of style. She’s also become brunette on occasion, changing the impact of her beautiful face just through color. 

Spotted earlier in 2013 after being named an SK-II “spokesperson”, her hair had been deftly toned by her colorist. The overall impression was darker, though the undertones were distinctly strawberry blonde, while the highlights were gold-flecked and sparkly.

And you?

If you like the look of what you see here, we at Sheer Bliss Hair Salon can help you achieve similar celebrity hair color results on your hair, the right way.

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