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Mar 6 '14

Easy Great Looking Hair @ the Oscars 2014

We really enjoyed seeing the mix of hair-styles and easy to maintain looks at the 2014 Oscars this year. The L.A. Times’ Melissa Magaysay has a great look into some of the more high-profile celebrities who pulled this of, in her article here. Magaysay’s piece singles out several celebs for special attention, including pixie-cuts from […]

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Oct 3 '13

Celebrity Hair Color Secrets

Celebrity Hair Color that is Deftly Designed  When you decide on a hair color change, what inspires your choice? Do you opt for a color you’ve used before? Do you copy a friend? Or do you draw inspiration from the many celebrities who alter their hair color to gain attention and keep up impressions? If […]

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Sep 3 '13

Inspired Hair by Show Stopper Miley Cyrus

Do you believe Miley has inspired hair styles? At just 20 years old, young, vibrant Miley Cyrus knows how to be a showstopper. She is one of the hottest bits of public property right now, having started out as a sweet TV star – albeit with minor roles until she got cast in a Disney […]

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May 14 '13

Fashion Hairstyles for Blonde Blogger

Redken’s Chiara gets Diamond Oil Fashion Hairstyles Glamorous Italian model, award-winning blogger, law student and top “breakout street-style star”, Chiara Ferragni, is successfully tweeting her experiences and fashion hairstyles created using Redken’s brand new Diamond Oil to the world, together with Instagram photographs. She currently has 151,026 followers on Twitter and more than 800,000 “unique […]

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Mar 31 '13

Celebrity Hair

What Celebs did to their Hair in March Celebrities set the style for many when it comes to hair fashion, so we thought we’d highlight some of the celebrity hair styles and colors that have caught the attention of the media in the past week or so. On March 21, Canadian model and actress, Nina […]

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Feb 25 '13

The Long and the Short of the Oscars Hairstyles

  There was a real mix of Oscars hairstyles this year: neat, untidy, long and short; and a few gems. There wasn’t any obvious trend overall, either in terms of style or color. But then what else can you expect from the stars on Hollywood’s most closely watched night out? They are individuals and they want to […]

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