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Mar 6 '14

Easy Great Looking Hair @ the Oscars 2014

We really enjoyed seeing the mix of hair-styles and easy to maintain looks at the 2014 Oscars this year. The L.A. Times’ Melissa Magaysay has a great look into some of the more high-profile celebrities who pulled this of, in her article here. Magaysay’s piece singles out several celebs for special attention, including pixie-cuts from […]

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Oct 3 '13

Celebrity Hair Color Secrets

Celebrity Hair Color that is Deftly Designed  When you decide on a hair color change, what inspires your choice? Do you opt for a color you’ve used before? Do you copy a friend? Or do you draw inspiration from the many celebrities who alter their hair color to gain attention and keep up impressions? If […]

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Sep 30 '13

Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair

Top Ten Tips for Good Looking Healthy Hair Keeping your hair looking good and feeling good isn’t rocket science, but it does take a bit of effort. To make it easier for you we have come up with the ten top tips that you can use to ensure that you always have healthy hair that […]

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Sep 19 '13

What Causes Dandruff?

How to Minimize the Risk of Dandruff Dandruff is a very common condition that produces an excessive quantity of flaky skin cells that commonly fall on the shoulders. It makes people feel awkward and embarrassed and often causes itching. But what causes it? Unfortunately, like various other forms of eczema (including psoriasis) there is no […]

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Sep 9 '13

Hair Fashion on the Runway

Rebecca Minkoff Style Hair Fashion  Braids were the order of the night at the Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show held in New York on September 6, 2013. Well for the models anyway, most of whom had their hair braided in a way that might just influence current hair fashion. For Janelle Monáe, who rocked […]

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Sep 3 '13

Inspired Hair by Show Stopper Miley Cyrus

Do you believe Miley has inspired hair styles? At just 20 years old, young, vibrant Miley Cyrus knows how to be a showstopper. She is one of the hottest bits of public property right now, having started out as a sweet TV star – albeit with minor roles until she got cast in a Disney […]

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Jun 1 '13

The Truth About Bald Men

Are Bald Men Hot or Not? Seems some men hate being bald, and others realize – or believe – that women really like them that way. But what is the truth about bald men? Bald is Hot For those who have no idea of the answer to this question, there’s a vaguely hair-raising article that […]

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May 26 '13

Cure for Gray Hair Predicted

Scientists Discover Cause of Gray Hair Scientists at the University of Bradford, a public research facility in West Yorkshire, England, have identified a possible cure for gray hair. This follows the discovery that people’s hair turns gray because of hydrogen peroxide that accumulates in the hair follicles and bleaches the hair from the inside out.  […]

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May 19 '13

Tie the Knot with Hair Fashion

Hair Fashion Heading into Summer 2013 It seems that hair fashion is making a move from eccentric outré to practically wearable. Simply translated: what you see on the runways you can apply to real life, without needing a team of stylists to get it into model shape. Spring Hair Fashion Trends Some of the fashion […]

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May 14 '13

Fashion Hairstyles for Blonde Blogger

Redken’s Chiara gets Diamond Oil Fashion Hairstyles Glamorous Italian model, award-winning blogger, law student and top “breakout street-style star”, Chiara Ferragni, is successfully tweeting her experiences and fashion hairstyles created using Redken’s brand new Diamond Oil to the world, together with Instagram photographs. She currently has 151,026 followers on Twitter and more than 800,000 “unique […]

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