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Mar 25 '13

Isabella Cruise Changes her Hair Color … Again

Is this Hair Color that turns fans Green with Envy? Isabella Cruise, the oldest child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, has changed her hair color again – at least the third time this year. This time the natural brunette has gone green, she tweeted on Twitter, in a look that has her looking remarkably […]

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Mar 13 '13

Hot Hairstyles for Men

Six Hot Hairstyles for Men in 2013 Whether you want your hair to look classic or trendy, there are some great looks you can emulate. Defined by Redken for the man of today, these hot hairstyles are designed to suit all ages and interests. In other words, there’s something for everyone. Six Hot Hairstyles Defined […]

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Jan 19 '13

Pink Hair Dye

Use Pink Hair Dye to Transform Your Look Pink is a hugely popular color. It’s traditionally used for little girls’ clothes and décor; as a symbol of gay awareness, and as a symbol of breast cancer awareness. Some pink flowers (specifically dianthus) are even nicknamed “pinks”. And so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that pink […]

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Jan 3 '13

Kim Kardashian’s 2013 Hairstyle

Will Kim Kardashian’s first 2013 hairstyle be a trendsetter? Kim Kardashian had mouths wagging every which way this New Year – because of her newly announced pregnancy; because of the outrageous black sheer lace dress she was wearing; and because of her hairstyle. Kim on New Year’s Eve Thirty-two-year-old Kim and boyfriend Kanye West were […]

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Dec 29 '12

Laidback Looks for Men in 2013

So what is the Laidback Look for Men? Essentially the laidback look is not staid and static, instead it moves… yes it moves. So instead of having a style that is formally structured, once you’ve had your hair professionally cut and styled, what you do is to use a liquid pomade to define different layers […]

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